A smoldering truth….


An open book,
by my bed side,
abusing me,
I’m numb and lost;
staring aimless in the dark,
my dreams fighting my sleep,
I wake up in wet pillows,
with swollen eyes,
all I remeber
that there was no one by my side,
last night,
my curtains never open,
my heart is all mess,
with floods of pain,
washing faces away,
leaving their filth in me,
the decaying cadavers of my faith,
thoes once smiling faces turn menacing,
I had to see them,
curse myself,
But I wont let anyone know,
the massacre of my happiness,
the debris of my heart,
I’ll have to be brave;
and this very thought kills me,
my heart is not too heavy;
but the pain it holds smoulders,
and I dont want to smear these cinders,
on someone’s innocent heart,
nor do I want to live with it.
I’ll have to wait till my tears seep in,
and douse the fire of the truth,
Or I’ll have to wait till this fire reaches my soul,
and it cries out in melancholy;


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