Living a dream…


I thought love was merely a lore,
Till this night when I am living a dream,
The moon had never been so white before,
nonchalant, over my poet’s ream.

You let the wind play with your hair,
the wind sedated by the moonlight,
and I loose myself in the depth,
of your eyes and not of the night.

The sea is singing to us as the world,
in the harmony of though of crashing waves,
and I close my eyes seeing you smile,
a jewel you are and my soul saves.

I stretch out my hand, and you reach,
you come closer and fall back in my arms,
just a step was this enormous breach,
and now I worry, the short breaths in His realms.

We know no words, but spell the beauty of the night,
the moon hides behind these veils, and you shy,
and fall asleep in my arms,
as my heart sings you a lullaby.


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