A defenseless deal..

Poised, patient footsteps size 14

Clap on the polished marble floor

Unstained and sick-white,

Gaudy florescent lights dimmed

A stench of an abysmal sanitizer

And a distant wail of an awake baby

This stranger with cold grey eyes

Wrinkled but well groomed face,

Waits by a door,

The door heavy and betrayed by a small glass window

But a faithless sentry

“Creek” and the heavy door lazily shifts

The old man walks in to the beeps of an intense machinery

And audible breaths of an unconscious victim

On this martyr’s chest he lays a rose,

Chants a silent prayer

Pulls out a gun, snubbed by a silencer

Points it to his head,

And in a wordless whisper,

Assures his son’s future.


-Chaitanya Dorwat


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