A souvenir one takes

After he loses the count of his breaths.




A deserving gift to the sane,

And contemplation of demise, if to sullied hands.




Does not abide law,

Cannot be contained by law.

And without the law,

Our existence ceases,

And till this date,

We all know this law and don’t,

But it has never been written,

Nor inscribed, nor painted,

It is in our nature,

But not freedom.




Does not choose sides,

The wrong, the correct,

The wise, the ignorant,

But it is a right,

privileged by the strongest.



My thoughts were rein-less ever,

but when freedom was endowed to me,

I was lost,in an endless blanket,

that I strived to find a seam.

But that seam when I did find,

that blanket lost its warmth,

loneliness left me cold,and I knew,

it isn’t life when lived unharmed.


Chaitanya Dorwat


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