A sad choice between harm and dignity

She kept pulling at her clothes,
To hide herself more,
From those eyes,
Her frail hands covering her face,
Swollen eyes, tears ran dry,
And a daunting question seared in them,
A question, no answer could comply, or justify,
A question if posed to the world, the humanity,
Will remain;
Raised; unanswered, in every woman’s eyes,
Those quiet painful sobs will echo,
Apologetic ears, bent on empathizing,
But could she turn blind to the scars,
Will they?

Those scars of someone’s weakness,
Forced onto her,
Will she ever understand,
When her beauty turned into a vice,
A liability, a plausible threat to herself?

She voices a cry of all those women
Casted in an ugly charade of love,
Who let themselves hurt, beat,
Who stifle their screams,
Hush their pain,
Who empathize

Don’t let them hurt you, push you,
in a fight for your own life,
Tolerance to inhumanity is a sin against yourself.

Chaitanya Dorwat


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