An ephemeral sojourn..

A supple drop of honey, deliquescent,

Dispersing, allaying in to a gracious tarantella

Of the playful winds, on a gossamer canvas,

As the radiance streams in indifferently.


I stand on the door, wilfully ajar,

Lean out of the tram,

To let the sun-kissed winds tousle me.


A wordless conundrum, a vacuous din,

Burgeoning in the shade of a grey edifice,

As the train rattles to a stop,

With which a thousand sober faces break in,

Force their way in, in a sojourn,

Dismayed by their thoughts,

To realize a journey, bound by choice, their, mine,

We leave behind others with destinations unlike,

And no one looks back at them, nor do they wish us well.


And as the train passes over a creek,

A surge of a polite motion overlooking the other,

As if nodding in acquaintance, like reticent admirers,

The commotion disintegrates- tarnishes.


And in this moment of epiphany, a vigorous enlightenment,

I remember I leaned out from the train, the beauty subjugated me,

It was an urge to let go,

To fall an endless fall,

I closed my eyes, imagining the lullaby the waters would sing to me,

When, I felt her by my side, my mother,

An angelic smile on her face.


The commotion resumed,

I opened my eyes, now moist,

I stood there as the train emptied,

With faces ever unknown,

Handing it over to me and my whims,

An ephemeral journey,

Granting me a sense of serendipity.


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