Attempting Surrealism

Hold out your hand,
cover the moon with it,
stomp your feet on the ground,
see the dust risen around you,
now ask yourself,
“How drunk am I?”
if at all you hear a buzz,
stop drop and roll,
it’s pretty cold out there on the moon,
plus the sand gets everywhere,
remember to bring fresh undies,
they don’t have much water up there,
chilly chicken,
I wish I had some,
it goes great with poetry,
madman’s mumble, that’s what I think,
well lookie here, it’s my grandma,
why is she dancing,
who’s that dude with her?
Roomie I’m home,
get your fat ass out of there,
fix me some..
what do you call it..
now just because I write long sentences in breaks,
damn right this is poetry, I wrote it, that makes it so πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Chaitanya D


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