Day’s nothings…

We’re a rag-tag group of three, contemplating life, women, discovering movies, music, aphorisms, little trivia about ourselves/each other, crazy, boring, hypocritical at times (though we’d hate to agree to it), but close, close enough to laugh at a joke not even cracked, to know one’s mind, get offended for each other, but yet not claim to know the other one inside out. We’re or at least I’m amused when I look back at the time before I met these idiots, and thinking of the time when we’ll be out of college, on our own, of the time when we’ll actually start missing ‘us’, we sink back in these moments,too stubborn to let go of them, suddenly a bit scared of the world. Creating, forging, stealing, plagiarizing each other in our memories, sincerely, adamantly hoping someone somewhere sometime in the nearest future to invent that god-damn time machine.


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