Strangers in the night

I want to hold you tonight, press you against me, and let our imperfections agree to a transcendent completeness. I wish to owe my self to your eyes, drink in their depth, breathe in your breath, to touch you, my precious; in awe of your beauty, to kiss you, your tender sweet lips; that you belong to me, my strange joy. The moments whiled in the thought of you, shimmer across the horizon of my solitude and birth smiles, and I wish to hold fast to these moments, wear those smiles as something to show for my life. I’d revel in the knowledge that you, my wish, my sweetheart, love me. And I’ll love you till my heart aches. Only if you were here, I know you’d be much more beautiful than you are in my thoughts. Only if you were here, and I knew it is you. We may be strangers, and what a lovely stranger you might be- treasured behind the veils of fate, smiling over the littlest things, anxious about the littlest things, or lost in your thoughts, looking into the night sky, wondering about the stranger who couldn’t take his eyes off you..


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